• We manage your communication from brand
    awareness to call-to-action

  • We take care of your digital reputation by building
    and defending it with all the weapons you need

  • Your message to a hundred thousand people or <br a billion. It's not hyperbole, it's digital marketing

  • We put our signature on it.
    We do the battles you can't do

  • We produce content for global audiences.
    Content marketing, not advertising

  • We geolocalize your communication.
    Your message always reaches your target

What do we do? We analyze first

We analyze your communication channels

What about your communication? We take a deep look to the cards you’re holding and try to evaluate the shape you’re in...

We analyze your distribution channels

Content is king. But creating content, and good content especially, and not distributing them has a destructive effect, a King-Kong effect...

We analyze your competitors

Taking a closer look to the affairs of your beloved rivals will help us understand how to build a winning strategy for you....

And then? We act...

We set up your strategy

We always start from your goals and assets. Then we proceed by identifying your potential audience, influencers and sector trends. We just need your approval stamp so we can start...

We implement the strategy

Together with the people you assign, we start our engines and put our strategy into motion. The most important part is the production of the content we aim to distribute...

We verify the results

The activities carried out must always create value. The measurement of the results and the possible adjustments will follow the parameters shared at the moments the goal are set...

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Analyses, inquiries, background, studies and research. Ampa is a news agency that focuses on quality information.

Italia 24h

News, investigations, insights. But also economy, culture, fashion and trends. You can find all the news you need every day on Italia24h.


Online newspaper of geopolitics, offers exclusive articles from around the world, analysis, interviews, authoritative opinions, contradictions and reports on international politics.

African Medias

Continental news platform in English and French. The pan-African spirit of the ruling class. The quality of news, video and photos from Agence France Press.

World Medias

News, Insights, international inquiries you can not miss. The main daily happenings to have a quick but exhaustive story of the world.

Inside Art

The portal of culture, contemporary art, emerging talents. Father of the Talent Prize, a reference prize for the young generation of artists.

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Social Media Marketing, Social Responsibility, Media Planning, Events

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