1) Content Advisory Digital Reputation

The reputation of a company, and of its digital side especially, is a result of an adequate, well-carried strategy. It also requires different stages of production and content promotion, and a wise content distribution strategy. IQDMedias is capable of implementing and managing the whole chain of activities required to grant opportunities: from the promotion of excellence to the management of crisis areas. Thanks to its ten-plus-year-long experience in the sector, and its partnership with other digital publishers and players, IQDMedias is also capable of acquire any kind of audience worldwide for its clients.

2) Marketing e Web consulting

Every operator, both public or private, needs to promote and “sell” its brand. In order to do that, it needs to gain a deep knowledge of the scenario in which it operates as well as the product’s features, and to find the right strategies to reach its goals. By means of analytical marketing (studies on markets, customers, competition and internal assets), strategic marketing (planning of activities meant to reach the goal) and operative marketing (actions to take) IQDMedias identifies optimal courses, chooses the most adequate strategies and leads to an overall performance improvement. IQDMedias also relies on web marketing and web reputation task teams, capable of taking immediate action and planning campaigns aimed to reach a better position and a better sentiment by the client, as well as developing an online advertising plan.

3) Advertising & audience consulting

IQDMedias provides its clients with its know-how in the production and creation of qualified news contents and above the line advertising campaigns. Thanks to several partnerships and ten-plus-year-long relationships, IQDMedias is capable of effectively acquiring target audience packages, both internal and international, as well as developing traditional ad campaigns.

4) PR e Digital PR

IQDMedias provides its clients with a wide array of communications theories and procedures, in order to develop new relationships, put institutions, companies, people, structures in communication with their clients and their target world, regardless of them being a commercial market or an electoral body. Teams consisting of handpicked professionals will elaborate the best suitable public relations strategies, tailor-made and adapted to the specific needs of the clients. The activity is followed by the setup, the implementation and articulation of the different steps, in the aim of eventually bringing the client to have total control of the performance and the final results.

5) Social Media Marketing

We provide qualified Social Media Marketing and Social Media Journalism services, in order to generate or increase visibility on virtual communities and 3.0 aggregators. Social media journalism activities are especially used to improve a brand’s reputation, creating approval or managing critical points. Social Media Marketing includes several different procedures, from online relations to SMO, Social Media Optimization of web pages.

6) Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility means the activities and behaviors voluntarily adopted by a company, in order to obtain results and bring benefits to itself and its operating environment. IDQMedias grants its clients the implementation of social responsibility issues (promotion of gender politics, establishment of quality industrial relationship, environmental care etcetera) within the strategic plans of the client companies, through a spot-on digital communications strategy.

7) Art Advisory

Thanks to its partnership with media company Insideart and the board of the Talent Prize awards, dedicated to young contemporary artists, and boasting over 8.000 submissions, IQDMedias provides complete art advisory services, aimed to guide clients in the purchase of works of art, the management and promotion of existing collections, investment strategies in the art sector for corporate, institutional or charity purposes. IQDMedias is particularly specialized in up-and-coming artists and in planning company events with a strong artistic connotation.

8) Media planning

In order to get the best out of your communications strategy, it’s crucial to select your reference media in your market area, to verify in advance that it corresponds with your brand values and public’s fruition trends, and to ascertain its effectiveness. IQDMedias provides its clients with all the necessary services to arrange correct mediaplanning activities both in the acquisitions and in the managing and monitoring phases of a communications campaign.

9) Eventi

IQDMedias is proven to be capable of organizing institutional, commercial, sport- or entertainment-related events. It also stages presentations, training campaigns or internal communications activities. A team of experienced professionals follows our client from the conceiving to the operative organization, providing all the necessary services to support the event.