African Medias

Continental news platform in English and French. The pan-African spirit of the ruling class. The quality of news, video and photos from Agence France Press.
Among its many services, IQDMedia features the portal, an “all news” and mobile responsive digital platform, dedicated to updating and focusing about every news and facts regarding African countries. The website was launched with the aim of offering a wide and detailed view on the continent, showing a clear pan-African approach. Contents are updated around-the-clock and address major issues of journalistic interest in a very inclusive language, supported by the expressive strength of images and videos.

Thanks to our company being well-established in the international news market, and to our long-time expertise in multimedia communications strategies, Africanmedias website is capable of reaching an outstandingly wide and diversified target readers, and is now considered a reference, reliable and professional medium, both for African and international users.