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Digital as a vector allows everyone to be a publisher, and that’s exactly what you all became. There, we started acting like skippers, somehow: we step on board of other people’s boats and help the owners sail. Of course we still are publishers on our own, and manage the whole communications activity process, although we always keep in mind that the future is in the hands of the people capable of creating great contents and distributing it.
> Publishers, managers, consultants, digital neo-journalists and young geeks. Our team consists of great tailors, whose expertise and training span across publishing, consultancy, digital and marketing.
> People who spent their entire lives cutting and sewing and, before anyone else, learned that bits and bytes are better than atoms, that content is king, and distribution is King-Kong.

Guido Talarico - IQDMEDIAS Chairman

Publisher, journalist, graduate in Law at the Sapienza University of Rome, two courses in international journalism in Paris at the HEC. He currently holds various positions including Publisher and Director of Insideart, Publisher and Director of Africanmedias, Chairman of IQDMedias, President of the Talent Prize.
Professional journalist since 1988, photographer and art lover, Talarico, after long stays abroad (London, Amsterdam and New York) begins his professional career as a journalist, manager and publisher. First for the "Europeo" from Sri Lanka, then in the foreign service of “Adnkronos”, where in the '80s he was sent to war zones such as Central America or the Middle East, or to follow the international missions of the Government and the Presidency of the Republic (with President Francesco Cossiga he was in New York and Washington at the White House, with Prime Minister Ciriaco De Mita and Foreign Minister Giulio Andreotti he was in Jerusalem).

Then many experiences: from “Adnkronos” he wrote for “Epoca” then in 1993 for a short time he moved on to "Il Sabato". In 1994 he participated as a founding partner and marketing director in the birth of the newspaper "La Voce di Indro Montanelli" then he was a columnist of "Il Messaggero", president of the editorial "La Nuova Ecologia". Creator and presenter of the TV program "Quarto Potere" broadcast on Telemontecarlo. In 1999 he founded and directed the local newspaper "Il Domani della Calabria", then "Il Domani di Bologna".
In 2000 he entered the Internet market as a partner of the Spanish Ya.com, called by Martin Varsavsky to launch the digital products of the Spanish parent company on the Italian market. This was later to be the case for Deutsche Telekom. In 2004 he founded his own publishing house dedicated to art, launching “Inside Art”. In 2007 he founded and presided over "The Talent Prize", a prize that has become a reference for emerging contemporary talents. In 2009 he launched Inside Art International. A contract lecturer at the Business School of "Il Sole 24 Ore", in 2014 he joined his activity as a publisher with that of Vice President of the “AdnKronos Group” and CEO of “AdnKronos Culturalia”. Also in 2015 he founded “IQDMedias”. Over the years he has edited the edition of dozens of catalogs and art books, including two monographic photographic volumes by Tommaso Le Pera, one dedicated to Shakespeare and the other to Pirandello.
In 2016 he published with Rubbettino Editore, the essay "Manuale semplice di arte contemporanea". He is the author and presenter of “IQOS ARTIME”, a series of traveling multimedia meetings dedicated to the masters of contemporary art. He has been a member of the board of directors of Fieg (Federazione Italiana Editori Giornali).

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